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Neat 3B Face Saver Gel for Facial Sweating

Neat 3B Face Saver Gel for Facial Sweating

Neat Face Saver is used by people working in warm climates, sportspeople and those who perspire more than others. Useful for people that suffer the embarrassment of having facial perspiration dripping down the forehead.
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Facial sweat can be embarrassing. Many people who suffer from excessing sweating on the face can’t even wear makeup without it melting off an hour later. Fight excessive face perspiration with a powerful emollient developed by leading doctors in New Zealand.
  • Keeps extreme facial perspiration at bay
  • Infused with a powerful antiperspirant gel
  • Apply under cosmetics for all-day action
  • Perfect for sportspeople or those living in hot climates
  • Non-staining
Replace wetness and shine with a refreshingly dry and matte look, with the Neat Feat 3B Face Saver gel. This intelligent formulation is easy to apply, and while it’s powerful, it’s also lightweight - meaning it’ll leave no residue, deposits, or stickiness. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there, but the results will speak 1000 words by the end of the day. Apply to the forehead, upper lip, back of the neck, and anywhere else you sweat in and around the facial area. Almost immediately, the gel will absorb excess moisture and prevent you from perspiring more throughout the day. The emollient is perfect for wearing under makeup like foundation, or oily products like sunscreens. It’ll keep working underneath your cosmetics and other products around the clock. The Neat 3B Face Saver will rescue the whole family from embarrassing sweatiness under the summer sun, so buy yours online today - only available while stocks last. You can also find it at your local pharmacy in the deodorant section, or order for shipping worldwide!

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Customer Reviews

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First, you only need a small amount. Your face needs to be dry before applying- which includes no sweat. Just put it where you sweat, I.e. forehead, along the edge of your hairline, a tiny bit on your upper lip and, for me, a tiny bit on my cheeks, just below my eyes. Gently rub it in. I barely noticed the smell. Maybe it would have been a problem if I put a ton on my face. It dries immediately. I can barely tell it’s there, until I get hot. No more sweat is dripping in my eyes. I’m not searching for napkins to wipe my face off. Thank heavens, I no longer have to pull my hair up in a ponytail to relieve my ridiculously excessive facial sweating.. I’m 57, and ponytails were looking ridiculous.

Tiny favorites

I highly recommend this product. I sweat a lot only around my nose when it's hot in summer. The problem is my make-up does not stay because of sweating. I applied this product this morning and afternoon after swimming class. I felt 95% of sweating was decreased after I applied this product. My tip is that you'd better apply it and then wait until it is absorbed and fixed on your skin at least 1 min and then start applying moisturizer or cream and make-up!

The first day I felt 95% of sweating was blocked but the second day the sweating doesn't stop!! I realized that I applied it too thick!! because I want to get 100% effect. The third day I applied appropriate amount evenly and it worked great!

Tamar T.

I apply this product before I do my make-up (use a good lotion also because it does dry your skin a bit) and it works great!!! I’m a 250 pound woman and sweating is as easy as breathing LOL. But this product helps a lot especially if you combine it with SweatBlock! Did not sweat one bit with both of these during my cousins wedding! I was extremely worried because I was a bridesmaid and didn’t want to sweat off my makeup and ruin my hair (especially for the wedding videos & photos!!!). So happy I didn’t have to worry! Thank you Neat Feat!


I have a sweeting problem and it’s embarrising because I swear a lot on my upper lip and above my eye brows. This product has helped that issue a lot.

I still sweat there a little bit with the product, but it’s much more controllable compared to not using it. If you have facial sweating any help is better than nothing! Don’t be embarrassed anymore. Buy this!

Katie Lunn

I was very skeptical about this; after I initially applied it, it felt like strong hold hair gel on my face... UNTIL I fanned it down to a soft almost powder like finish. I literally JUST BOUGHT this a few days ago, and I misplaced it somewhere, and have already re-ordered. Some of us are suffer, and I MEAN SUFFER, from Maximo facial hyperhidrosis aka your face constantly pours sweat, (even in sub zero temperatures). I LOVE wearing makeup and being pretty, and I had totally given up for like 2+ years, this product gave me that back! Also, the initial stickiness makes a BOMB primer, I wait until it's just slightly tacky, and BOOM! That makeup ain't budging! This is the best product I've found since like leggings or something! It's incredible! AND IT IS AN ANTIPERSPIRANT, NOT A DEODORANT, WHICH IS WHAT WE FACE SWEATERS NEED; our faces don't stink, they sweat off our makeup to the point where we look as if we've dunked our head in water... repeatedly. I didn't even mention that it doesn't clog my pores! This product is seriously a God-send!